The Kindergarten - 51-53 North St, Kempsey NSW 2440 (02) 6562 8144

Our Environments

Our educational environments are carefully constructed to promote familiarity and belonging, connectedness and intrigue, challenge and choice.


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We believe in the importance of aesthetically inviting spaces which invite wonder and curiosity. These spaces must also display order and symmetry alongside their beauty and intrigue. As we intentionally organise our learning spaces we strive to complement them with reflections of the complexities of our local Macleay community and the learning opportunities this offers our young children.

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Apart from our playrooms and yard, we believe that a child’s learning stretches far beyond the perimeter fences of The Kindergarten.

“Children’s education should not be about the mastery of nature, the conquest of a mountain or the domination of nature, but about our connection to it” Claire Warden

Exploring our immediate neighbourhood is vital to creating each child’s sense of belonging to a community

Physically we are situated in an area providing unlimited opportunities for investigation

We can frequently be seen out walking on a quest to discover what is new and interesting. The learning that occurs is limitless; from the literacy and numeracy of ‘reading’ signs and mail boxes to the curiosity that is awakened when we notice an enormous crane at the hospital.


However our favourite space/place is our WILD SPACE across the road in Samuel Hoskins Park.

We spend a considerable amount of time in this space as we build cubbies, play soccer, run, play games, picnic, and learn to respect the flora and fauna that call it ‘home’.

We also learn how to play safely in these spaces as we acknowledge the risk and consequences of our play adventures.

We also venture to the Racecourse, St Paul’s College and BUPA Aged Care Facility-- and occasionally we will venture a little further to the park in James Carney Place.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths (STEAM)

“Whether we like it or not, the nature of literacy and learning is being redefined by the digital technologies that are quickly becoming a part of the information age in which we live (Negroponte 1995; Reinking, 1995). We are experiencing a historic change in the nature of literacy and learning as digital, multimedia resources enter our world…. Just the beginning of a radical departure from traditional reading and writing experiences. How we respond to these important changes will determine our students’ ability to succeed in the world that awaits them.”

As The Kindergarten is committed to teaching children to be critical and creative thinkers, we realise that developing an inquiring and curious mind with the ability to problem solve, is crucial for learning to occur.

We see one way of enhancing this in children, is to employ tools to inspire and support this exploration; portable computers, web cams and digital cameras etc.

These tools will be used to deepen and expand the children’s imaginations, story- telling (narratives) capabilities as well as scaffold intentional teaching and play.

Consequently any ‘screen’ time will empower learning and develop potential opportunities for advancement and not detract from it.

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